Turning Point Credit Group Online Affiliate Program

Millions of people are searching for the answer to their credit problems.

Be a part of helping Americans find the solution to their credit woes while building your income. Turning Point Credit Group. We offers an exclusive affiliate opportunity for you. You can earn for advertising our Credit Repair.


Our Credit Repair Affiliate Program...

Looking to maximize your success by working with a leader in the Credit Repair Industry? Then join the Turning Point Credit Group - Credit Repair Affiliate Program, leading a continuous growth in the credit sector with outstanding business values. The Turning Point Credit Group Affiliate Program is a Ready-to-go Money Making Opportunity that you can start marketing right away with no down time or personal investment. As a Turning Point Credit Group Repair Affiliate, you will earn immediate and unlimited income with the most competitive compensation in the industry along with unique and customized marketing materials, and a dedicated team of professionals to assist you all the way. Sign up today for the Turning Point Credit Group Affiliate Program and let us show you how you can meet your customers most demanding credit needs.

So get ready for your very own ready-made, ready to go CREDIT Repair BUSINESS! All you have to do is sell and we all have a little salesman in us, so let it out, and watch the money come pouring in.

Our program works...


With our simple tools, we offer Affilaites many ways to signup new customers and promote our products. Once you sign up as an Affiliate, you will receive an email with you Affiliate Portal credentials. This email and portal will allow you to start marketing and earning money.

Dedicated Affiliate Portal...

Affiliates can log in to track all of the clients and leads that have been submitted. Affiliates can search for clients, see leads that are in process, and monitor the status of all referrals. This tool empowers you with the abiltity to send new clients, export the list of existing referrals, and watch the progress.

This techology will allow you to focus on what you do best, rather than having to manually track progress. It's simple for you to login 24/7 to see the the client's status, just as the client would see. Providing online marketing tools to your affiliates just got easier with the portal as well!

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Marketing Materials...

For any other questions regarding a Affiliate Partnership with Turning Point Credit Group, please contact us at 833.469.8876, or text PARTNER to 833.469.8876  for the login id and then click "Get Started" to sign up.


Now is the time to get started.