Turning Point Credit Group Online Referral Agent Affiliate Program

Get Free Credit Repair While You Earn Income!

Millions of people are searching for the answer to their credit problems.

  • Are a Stay at Home Parent wanting to work from home?

  • Are you wanting a 2nd income?

  • Are you an Internet Marketer working in the Financial industry?

  • Do you Own a Blog focused on financial industry?

  • Are you a Mortgage Broker getting a lot of customers with bad FICO scores, who need higher Credit Scores to qualify for better rates?

  • Are you a real Estate Agent/Broker?

  • Are you into the Business of Loan Modification?

  • Are you into the Business of Debt Settlement?

  • Are you a Car Dealer with lot of bad credit applicants?

  • Do you own any business where you get a lot of people who have issues with their Credit Scores?


If your answer is YES, to any one of the questions above, then you are on the right place!


Act now and become one of our Credit Repair Referral Agent Affiliates today!


We feel that we have one of the best Best Credit Repair Affiliate Programs out there. We pay HIGH PAYOUTS and our goal is to ensure we maximize the revenue for our Affiliates, while working with a 100% compliant Credit Repair Company. We work very hard to ensure that you earn the highest commissions possible with our proven marketing strategies and promotional tools. Our Credit Repair Affiliate Program can help you convert a non paying customer or a visitor to a paying and thankful customer.

We cannot assure you that this is the Best Credit Repair Affiliate Program, HOWEVER we can surely tell you this is we feel is ONE of the Best Credit Repair Affiliate Programs out there, which is also 100% compliant as per FTC and CROA.


We DO NOT charge our Credit Repair clients upfront, HOWEVER we DO, we pay our affiliates upfront!! Not many Credit Repair Companies follow this strategy, which gives us a leverage to get more business than other Credit Repair Companies.

Some of the features of our Credit Repair Affiliate Program:

  • Our Credit Repair Programs are 100% compliant as per FTC and CROA.

  • We feel we we are  HIGHEST PAYOUT in the Credit Repair Business. 

  • We perform all the credit repair disputes for you!

  • An affiliate program with proven success!

  • We provide you everything you need to become a successful affiliate and start earning BIG pay checks.

  • We track all your sales and you can login from your web portal to track all your customers you refer to us.

  • You DO NOT have to do any customer service, paperwork or customer management. We do all these for you.

  • You can focus on your strength – Sales!

  • We always pay commissions on time.

  • Pro-active and professional affiliate management. One service delivery manager assigned to you for shift long support.

  • Trustworthy and well known third party tracking software.

  • All American sellers to best utilize your leads.


Be a part of helping Americans find the solution to their credit woes while building your income with Turning Point Credit Group. We offer an exclusive affiliate opportunity for you. You can earn for advertising our Credit Repair.