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We have put together a list of partners who offer Tools for Small Business and Entrepreneurial needs. It is important to us that you have the big business tools with small business budgets!

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Recommended to Get Your Business Started & Tools For The Next Level

Fueling the growth of your business.

Take your business to the next level with Rehab Digital. We believe in partnerships, not projects. We deliver Transformational Websites, Branding and Digital Marketing Plans. Everything we do is grounded in analytics, evidence and research to grow your business online.

The Legal News offer FREE Legal Advise!

Attorney Directory

Legal Funding

Legal Aid

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BestBizLocal is a great source for small businesses and entrepreneur. Just click on the plus sign at the top right corner of the page and add you business listing to this great business search engine.

That's not all they offer various tools for small business needs such as...

  • advertising

  • coupons

  • marketing

  • hosting

  • etc.

If Your Ready to Raise the Bar on Your Presentations For Your Next Deal - Check Out PresenterMedia!

As a world class presentation resource, PresenterMedia provides an unmatched value for presenters and project designers. We're owned and directed by a dedicated group of artists and programmers located in Sioux Falls, SD USA. Over the past 15 years, we have created hundreds of thousands of 3D animations, PowerPoint templates and clipart illustrations for various companies around the world.

Now we have chosen to work directly with you, the end user of our images, through our website, Our diverse clientele includes Fortune 500 companies, home offices, educators, students, and religious organizations. officially launched in 2009, and we are completely supported through the subscription fees paid by our subscribers. We continue to produce hundreds of unique new animations, templates and images every month.

You have direct access to us. We are both the artists and the owners of the images, templates and animations on this site. Please let us know how we can help you build your best presentations ever. We hope that we can count you as one of our subscribers for years to come.

Good Presenting!

Recommended Background Screening For Real Estate Investors

How SmartScreen Works

Create an account for yourself by entering in some information about yourself and your property. Answer additional questions about your property to allow for a more customized application.

As part of your initial rental application process, be sure to collect an email address from each applicant (if they don’t have one there are many free providers – Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo – where an account can be setup in minutes). When you login to your account to request their information, an email will be sent to them so that they may accept your request. They’ll be asked to enter their information directly into TransUnion’s secure website for verification, and you’ll be notified that the reports are ready.

Logging back into your SmartScreen account will allow you to view a full credit report, a criminal background check, and SmartScreen’s recommendation for approval/decline based on the information you entered about your property. You’ll then be able to send your decision automatically, with any additional notes, to your tenant’s email.

 No membership fees or subscriptions


 Just pay per search without any hassles


 Upfront and straightforward pricing


 Fast and easy immediate checkout

Simple step by step directions on how to easily and conveniently order an investigative background check or criminal record search through

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