Credit Monitoring

Monitor your credit.

We have put together a list of partners who offer credit monitoring services that has $1 trial periods. We HIGHLY recommended that you keep your credit monitoring through at least the life of the credit repair process. However, we do understand and are sensitive to all of our clients in that some cannot keep the credit monitoring services. With that said, if you can keep the monitoring services monthly plan do so, if not don't worry because we've got you covered as well. If you have any questions feel free to contact your credit specialist.

CHOOSE: "Premium Membership"

Trail Period: 3-days

  • Trail Period Cost $1

  • Monthly Service Fee $24.99

  • Smart Credit Report®

  • 3-Bureau Credit Report & Scores

  • Scores

  • ScoreTracker

  • ScoreBuilder™

  • ScoreMaster®

  • Alerts

  • $1MM Identity Fraud Insurance (activation required)

  • Money Manager

  • Action Buttons

CHOOSE: "Credit Preferred Plan"

Trail Period: 7-days

  • Trail Period Cost $1

  • Monthly Charge $21.99

  • Experian, Equifax and TransUnion Reports & Scores

  • Daily Credit Monitoring & Alerts

  • Credit Report Can Be Refreshed Every 30 Days

  • $25,000 Identity Theft Insurance*

CHOOSE: "Credit Protection Plan"

Trail Period: 14-days

  • Trail Period Cost $1

  • Monthly Charge $19.99

  • Triple-Bureau Credit Reports & Scores*

  • 24/7 Daily Credit Monitoring*

  • Monthly Credit Score Tracking*

  • Credit Scores Simulator

  • Financial Calculator Suite

  • Credit Information Hotline

  • Dedicated ID Fraud Resolution Support

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